Provide employees with a way to supplement their existing health care coverage that helps to pay hospital stay expenses.

Provides cash benefits upon admittance into the hospital for a covered stay

An unexpected hospital stay can be an unsettling experience. BeneRē can help to make the process a little less painful by providing upfront cash benefits paid directly to the employee upon admittance to the hospital for a covered stay. This can help to provide a healthy dose of peace of mind during challenging times.

Covers hospital stays for labor and delivery, surgery, accidents, and more

Hospital indemnity coverage is designed to cover life events, from the joy of a new addition to the family to unexpected surgeries and accidents. No matter what your employees are facing, BeneRē is there to provide them with the financial assistance they need to handle all aspects of a hospital stay.

Helps employees meet the unforeseen costs associated with a hospital stay

Because a hospital visit can include many unexpected expenses, this coverage provides a cash payment to employees to help pay for additional costs that may arise while they recover. The goal is to give them the opportunity to plan for recovery, with a solid supplemental healthcare plan that puts their mind at ease.

Example: Hospital Indemnity


is the average cost of a hospital stay. BeneRē helps by providing upfront cash benefits to handle all aspects of an employee’s hospital stay.

Delivery of a Child

with a 3 day hospital stay

How BeneRē Helps:

Hospital Admission$1500
Hospital Confinement$200/day
Total Benefit Paid$2,100