Voluntary benefits financed the way they should be

Efficiently. Transparently. Benevolently.

Employees pay fully insured premiums. Nothing more.

There is no change to the insurance carrier relationship.

BeneRe reinsures the VB program and returns all profits to the health & welfare fund.

It’s that simple.

Participation in BeneRe’s group captive insurance program is offered to U.S. based employers with minimum premiums of $150,000 for Accident, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity.

Why BeneRe?

  • BeneRe has removed the employer/employee conflict of interest.
  • Distributions are earned via third-party risk, i.e. the aggregated risk of all employers in the BeneRe group captive.
  • The only policies allowed in the group captive are Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity.
  • All distributions must be reinvested in Employee Benefits.

BeneRe is different.

Supplemental benefits have become an increasingly important part of traditional employer-sponsored health insurance programs due to increasing deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums for employees across all industries and income levels.

But employers have expressed their frustration with these policies because of a lack of TRANSPARENCY regarding claims and expenses, which causes suspicion regarding the VALUE being delivered. This is why we established BeneRe, a group captive insurance solution that maximizes value for the employees rather than the insurance industry.

BeneRe Deliverables

  • Enhanced Coverage and/or Reduced Cost for Employees
  • No Collateral or Initial Capital Required from the Employer
  • No Financial Downside Exposure to the Employer
  • Projected Distributions of 10-20% for the Health & Welfare fund
  • Reinvest all of the distributions into employee benefits programs