Protect employees with critical care funds they can use to pay expenses not covered by other insurances.

Provides lump-sum payment to employees upon diagnosis for a covered illness

Receiving a critical illness diagnosis is obviously never easy. With BeneRē you can help to ease the financial burden for your employees who are facing this challenge. With this plan, employees will receive a prompt lump-sum payment for covered illnesses, so they can quickly get back on the road to recovery.

Covers items such as: heart attack, stroke, cancer, Alzheimer’s, loss of sight, and more

These plans cover a wide variety of critical illnesses. While some other plans require a long waiting period for reimbursement of medical expenses, BeneRē offers a way for employees facing a challenging diagnosis to have the means to pay for the necessary care that can help them more comfortably face the days ahead.

Offers employees financial security and extra money to pay for uncovered expenses.

While many expenses fall outside the approved coverages of some health insurance policies, BeneRē goes the extra mile. The plan provides an upfront payment that can be used for such things as mortgage payments, lawn care, childcare, and other expenses to keep things and up and running while employees are receiving critical care.

Example: Critical Illness

113 million

Americans suffer from critical illnesses. An upfront payment through BeneRē can go a long way in helping employees with immediate, day-to-day expenses.

Cancer Diagnosis

Employee Expenses:

Out-of-Pocket Medical$5000
Car Expenses$950
Other Living Expenses$500
Total Expenses$10,450
Total Benefit Paid$10,000