BeneRē gives employees added protection that quickly compensates them when they are involved in an accident.

Provides lump-sum payment to employees for injuries from a covered accident

If an employee is injured in a covered accident, they can rest easier knowing that they will receive prompt financial coverage. This includes extra financial relief for a wide variety of injuries and treatments. A timely claims reimbursement means employees can focus on recovery instead of medical bills.

Covers broken bones, concussions, ambulance, stitches, and burns, and more

Unlike some accidental benefit plans that only cover a few injuries, BeneRē is designed to ensure your employees can be ready for virtually everything. And rather than waiting to be reimbursed for their medical care, a fast, lump-sum payment helps to ensure that your employees receive the quality care they deserve.

Helps employees pay for their out-of-pocket expenses likes deductibles and copays

Most insurance plans include deductibles that must be met before the carrier begins to pay for a portion of the care and can also require copays. BeneRē helps to cover these out-of-pocket expenses that can quickly add up and have a detrimental effect on personal finances, especially when an accident occurs.

Example: Accident


of Americans have medical debt incurred from accidents. BeneRē helps by covering out-of-pocket expenses with the convenience of a lump-sum payment.

Torn ACL

Amount Paid Through Coverage:

Torn ACL$1000
Physical Therapy Visits (6)$450
Medical Equipment$250
Total Accident Benefit Paid to Employee$2375