Discover how your company can use dividends on unused premiums to create and enhance employee benefits programs.

A no-risk, all-reward way to do more for your employees

One of the best things about BeneRē is that any unused employee-paid premiums are returned to your company at the end of the year as a dividend. These funds must be invested to create or enhance employee benefits programs. Because claims experience will vary from year to year, no distributions are guaranteed. However, employers will never face a capital call in the event there is a premium shortfall.

A fully transparent approach to managing supplemental benefits

Many employers have been uncomfortable with the low loss ratios and high commissions associated with supplemental benefits programs. BeneRē has solved for that by transparently disclosing all commissions, expenses, claims and then distributing 100% of all underwriting gains back to employers on a pro-rata basis. There are no contingent bonuses or other misalignments of interest prevalent in the market today.

A refreshing way to make the most of employee insurance investments

While traditionally unused employee premiums have gone to insurance carriers in the form of profits and bonuses, the BeneRē model helps to ensure that your company can put these dollars back where they belong – with the employees. Your employees will appreciate the fact that you are reinvesting in their wellbeing. And you’ll feel good knowing that you’re always doing what’s best for your team and organization.

BeneRē Dividend Reinvestment Program

At the end of the year, surplus premium funds are returned to employee benefits plans in the form of a dividend that must be invested in employee health programs.

“The captive dividends created a means for us to roll out new mental health benefits. It wouldn’t have been funded otherwise.”

– Fortune 500 Head of Benefits