A healthier approach to managing the high-cost of healthcare

BeneRē is a revolutionary group captive insurance solution that maximizes value for employees while providing a welcome dose of transparency regarding claims, commissions, and expenses.

Revolutionizing supplemental benefits programs from every angle

A new transparent supplemental insurance model

Employees pay fully insured premiums and nothing more. Employers have a transparent view of how every dollar is allocated.

Strength in numbers defines the BeneRē equation.

Take a closer look at the facts and figures that help to illustrate the clear benefits for employees and employers.

Opportunities to reinvest year-end dividends

Discover how companies can leverage dividends on unused premiums to enhance employee benefits programs.

“Our benefits budgets are perpetually getting squeezed. The captive dividends provided us with the dollars needed to roll out decision support tools, which helps greatly with so many more employees working remotely.”

– BeneRē Client
CHRO, Fortune 500 Company