Maximum value for your employees with no financial downside exposure to your company. That’s the BeneRē model.

Employees pay fully insured premiums and nothing more.

BeneRē is simple for employees to access and easy for employers to manage. All employee premiums are paid directly to the insurance carrier, which holds the funds to pay all claims throughout the policy year. BeneRē reinsures 100% of the program but the issuance of policies, handling of customer service and adjudication of claims are all handled by some of the most respected insurance companies in America.

Employers have a transparent view of how every dollar is invested.

Employers have expressed their frustration with supplemental benefit programs because of a lack of transparency regarding claims and expenses, which causes suspicion regarding the value being delivered. This is why we established BeneRē, a group captive insurance solution that maximizes value for the employees rather than the insurance industry and offers clear benefits that are readily apparent.

Employers receive quarterly reports to track BeneRē performance.

Because numbers tell a story of how supplemental insurance plans are performing for your employees and your company, BeneRē provides you with quarterly reports. By comparing and contrasting this data, value becomes evident and you can monitor how the plan is being used by your employees and where the premium dollars are being utilized. It’s yet another example of the transparency and accountability we provide to ensure your complete satisfaction.

The BeneRē Model

Employees pay fully insured premiums. Nothing more.

There is no change to the insurance carrier relationship.

We reinsure the program and return excess claims dollars to the health & welfare fund.