Attract and retain high-level talent with competitive supplemental benefits.

Lower Employee Premiums
Enhanced Plan Design
Simplified Self Billing
Fair and Transparent Compensation
Quarterly Financial Reporting
Annual Distributions

Maximum value and transparent supplemental plan coverage for your employees with no financial downside exposure to your company means BeneRē offers you a valuable acquisition and retention tool. The program is simple to implement and manage and any unused premiums are returned to your benefits program to be reinvested.

Gain full transparency regarding claims and expenses.

Many of you have expressed frustration with supplemental benefit policies that offer little transparency and no clear evidence of value. BeneRē is a group captive insurance solution that maximizes value for the employees rather than the insurance industry. And it is designed to clearly show you how every dollar is accounted for.

Traditional Model vs. Captive Model

Employees typically receive a 15% cost savings with greatly enhanced protection for accident, critical illness, and hospital indemnity through a highly respected insurance carrier.

Fully InsuredBeneRē
Premium$5,000,000 (100%)$4,500,000 (100%)
Employee Savings
Carrier$2,500,000 (50%)$990,000 (22%)
Lower insurance overhead
Commission$1,250,000 (25%)$450,000 (10%)
Market-based Comp
CaptiveBeneRē/SRS$360,000 (8%)
Program & captive mgt.
Claims$1,250,000 (25%)$2,700,000 (60%)
More money for claims
Fully InsuredBeneRē
$5,000,000 (100%)$4,250,000 (100%)
Employee savings
$2,500,000 (50%)$935,000 (22%)
Lower insurance overhead
$1,250,000 (25%)$425,000 (10%)
Market-based comp
$340,000 (8%)
BeneRē/SRS program & captive mgt.
$1,250,000 (25%)$2,550,000 (60%)
More money for claims

(Based on 50,000 employees)

“We were skeptical because it sounded too good to be true. Now in our third year, we couldn’t be more satisfied with our decision.”

– Fortune 500 Head Of Total Rewards