A first-class solution to the high cost of healthcare.

As a Coalition member, you understand the importance of creating collaborative opportunities to transform processes, reduce costs, and increase efficiencies. At BeneRe, we can help to leverage the collective buying power of member colleges and universities like yours to create a surprisingly affordable investment in your employees and school.

BeneRe Higher Education:
A smart investment in your employees and school.

BeneRe Higher Education offers supplemental benefits that include accident, critical illness and hospital indemnity coverage, and can help to protect your employees from unexpected medical expenses. And these coverages are offered by a leading insurance carrier.

Your employees will get better coverage with lower premiums. You’ll get financial transparency with no risk or extra costs to participate in the program. Best of all, year-end dividends are typically available to be reinvested in additional employee benefits programs.

Looking for even more incentive? As a Coalition member, the minimum requirement of 1,500 employees to participate is waived! Now is the time to get started.

Raise the GPA of your employee offerings.

BeneRe Higher Education is designed to help you enhance your employee supplemental benefits programs. We are bringing sustainability back to healthcare with transparency and offerings that lead to better care, outcomes, and costs.

Learn how we’re changing everything.

Take a closer look at the benefits BeneRe Higher Education can offer you and your employees.